Match Report
Chinthurst School Boys-U10B vs  Aberdour School
On: Wednesday, 25 Sep 2019
Venue: Away

We took the short journey across the A217 to Aberdour, fresh with some training sessions in the bank. We were indebted to Harrison who performed wonderfully in goal in the first half, making four superb saves for keeping it 0-0 at the break. We talked about our passing being crisper in the second half, and it certainly was. Ollie was unlucky to get a bad bounce in goal, and we were 1-0 down. Aberdour put the pressure on and a fantastic save from Ollie diving at full stretch to palm the ball over the bar inspired us forwards. Zac scored his usual predators goal, and the second came straight from after school football club on Tuesday night, Max dropping out wide, chipping across for Zac to come onto the ball and bury it in the back of the net. Aidan played outstandingly well at the back with Alfie ever at his side. Charlie and Oliver patrolled the front well, and are learning what channel to run into session by session. Well played all, 40 minutes is the longest we've played as a team, and it showed at times in the second half - get running and get some miles in those legs for stiffer challenges to come. Thanks as ever for the parental support. Ewell Castle up next!