Match Report
Chinthurst School U10A vs  Seaton House School
On: Wednesday, 25 Sep 2019
Venue: Away

This was a very challenging match for the U10 girls and sadly this was shown in the end result. Throughout the match the girls struggled to pass the ball to each other and were passing the ball over the opponents heads which enabled the other team to intercept the passes very easily. Moving forward I would like to see the girls use bounce passes more and also stronger chest passes. Even though the girls were deflated at points during the match we managed to lift there spirits and get them fighting for the ball in the last quarter. It was at the end of the game that the team really started to work hard and chase every pass. Next time we must have that attitude at the beginning of the match. Well done to Grace who was given 'Girl of the Match!' and also well done to Olivia who scored the goal.

Mrs Atkinson-Hunt